About Us

Info about Paint and Glue

Paint & Glue came about as a result of a re-entry back into the hobby of model making and wargaming after a 25-year break during which my family came along.

Two or three years ago I started collecting and painting wargame figures again, after selling my large collection of 25mm Napoleonics  a few years earlier on Ebay.

Around this time I discovered Bolt Action which filled my needs for both wargaming and model making. I also started building terrain to flesh out the wargames scenarios which I document on my Paint & Glue blog which has an associated YouTube channel.

The latest addition to my hobby has been a 3D printer with which I now create all my WWII wargame assets.
I created Paint and Glue Miniatures to share the joy with which I create, collect, paint and wargame with my miniatures. I now have multiple 3D printers which operate 24 hours a day.