Sherman M4A3E2 Jumbo

76mm version
This model comes as four parts; hull, turret & tracks.

The M4A3E2 Jumbo variant of the Sherman was fitted with a 75mm gun however some were fitted with the 76mm as depicted in this model.

The US Army wanted an uparmoured version of their medium tank for the European theatre. This became the M4A3E2. It seems that the nickname Jumbo was given to it after the war.

254 Jumbos were built. The vehicle had 38mm of additional armour welded to the upper hull front & sides taking the overall thickness to 76mm. The turret was also given extra armour.

The first 128 Jumbos arrived in France in September 1944 destined for the 3rd Armoured Division. In February 1045, around 100 M4A3E2s had their 75mm guns replaced with 76mm.

It is believed that there are currently 8 surviving Jumbos.

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