Sherman Tulip

M4A4 (Mk V) Rocket Launcher Tank
This model comes as four parts; hull, turret & tracks.

The Sherman Tulip Tank was the brainchild of Lieutenant Robert Boscawen from the British 1st Armoured Battalion, Coldstream Guards, Guards Armoured Division. He fitted rocket rails from an RAF Typhoon onto the turret of his M4A4 Sherman (Called the Sherman MkV by the British). After testing, the rockets were fitted to nearly all the Shermans in his squadron, this was March 1945.

The tanks were equipped with 3 inch unguided rockets with a 60 pound warhead. They were fired on many occasions both in Europe and into Germany and were said to be very effective against troops in woods.
It was said that enemy soldiers often surrendered on sight of the squadron firing their rockets. They were set at angles for ranges of 600 and 800 yards.

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