Staghound Armoured Car AA (v2)

Model comes in two parts; hull and turret

The Staghound, although used by the British Army, was an American-designed armoured car. 3,844 Staghounds were produced from January 1942.

The Staghound first saw action in Italy and then in north west Europe. It continued in service long after the war  and appeared in the armies of some 25 different countries.

It weighed 14 tonnes and had a 36mm M6 gun with 2 or 3 7.62mm M1919 Browning machine guns.

This version was made with the T17E1 chassis and a turret mounting 2 0.5inch Browning heavy machine guns.

1,000 units were produced between October 1943 and April 1944.

Model is only available in resin.

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