Samokhodnaya Ustanovka 100 Tank Destroyer
This model comes in 1 part.

The SU-100 tank destroyer  was a replacement for the SU-85 which was itself developed from the chassis of the T34 and saw service well after WWII in various armies. 2,335 or more SU-100s were built. 

The SU-85's T34 turret was replaced by a solid casemate which housed an 85mm D-1 gun but the model became superceeded when the T35-85 came along which used the same gun. Russian designers came up with the SU-100. The gun was uprated to the 100mm D-10s which went on to be used in the Russian post-war tanks T-54 & T-55, in use for decades after WWII.

The vehicle saw service in over 20 nations until the 1970s and later.

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