Sherman Crocodile

M4A4 Flamethrower
This model comes as five parts; hull, turret, tracks and trailer.

The Sherman Crocodile came about as a result of American troops giving good reports about the British Churchill Crocodile; a flamethrower tank. They developed their own version initially from the M4A4 variant.

It was equipped with a 75mm M3 Gun, a 7.62mm Browning M1919 machine gun and an upper glacis mounted flamethrower.

The trailer carried 400 gallons of flamethrower liquid and weighed 6.5 tons.The Crocodle was crewed by five men; Commander, driver, gunner, loader, & flamethrower operator.

Only 4 Crocodiles saw service in Europe but were too late for D-Day. They were issued to 939th Tank Battalion attached to the 29th Division in February 1945.

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